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Versatility Clinics & Competitions
(What is Versatility? Taking your horse through a series of obstacles and challenges. It may be done mounted or in hand. Fun for horse and rider! Photos from previous competitions)


Sunday 4/26 12-3pm Come practice your versatility skills.
12pm-beginner, 1pm-intermediate and 2pm-advanced. Limited to 5 horse/rider combos per level.
Cost is $30.

Saturday 6/13 9am-12pm. 9am-beginner, 10am-intermediate and 11am-advanced. Limited to 5 horse/rider combos per level. Cost is $30.

Sunday 10/4 12pm-beginner, 1pm-intermediate and 2pm-advanced. Limited to 5 horse/rider combos per level. Cost is $30.

Sunday 11/8 12pm-beginner, 1pm-intermediate and 2pm-advanced. Limited to 5 horse/rider combos per level. Cost is $30.


Saturday 5/2, 10am

Saturday 6/20 9am

Saturday 10/10 10am

Saturday 11/21 10am

Other Clinics and Special Events


Train the Horse Project: Meet Stormy our 4yo Morgan foster horse. Learn the process (hands on) it takes to train a horse. From being touched, to leading, to starting under saddle. Update:  Stormy has had difficulties with being gelded.  Classes due to start in April.  Date TBA. Thanks for your patience
Wednesdays 5:30-7pm and Saturdays 1-2:30pm. Cost is $15.

Circles, Curls and Swirls! Pattern Class: With Kristine. Sunday, April 12, 12-1 pm. Class will last 1 hour and is limited to 5 horse/rider combos. Patterns using circles and turns will be emphasized to strengthen skills at leg yields and rein control. Patterns will be completed:  individually, follow-the-leader, and in pairs. Class starts at noon. Please be ready in the indoor ring with your horse warmed up for the class. To Sign Up or for Questions, contact:  Kristine Mika/ kristinemika@yahoo.com / 860 798 -7588 (cell)

Pasture Weeds, Bugs and Digestion Join us on Thursday 4/16 from 5pm-8pm. The spring topics we all have questions about and are always in search of new ideas: Pasture weeds, bugs, and digestion! They are challenges that can every horse owner faces. We would like to welcome special guest experts on these topics for an unmounted talk/discussion, from Smart Pak and Blue Seal.  This is an unmounted informational class.  Drinks and snacks will be provided.  Cost is $10.   More info on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/348936991981312/ 
RSVP by 4/7/15  naturalhorse80@yahoo.com





You may purchase a dvd of Dawn giving instructions on Leading, Disengaging Hindquarters, Riding and Backing Up. This dvd is available for only $10. Contact Dawn for information on how to get yours today!
email: naturalhorse80@yahoo.com

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"Dawn Bonin has helped me so much with my Standardbred, Ironworkers DJ, in a remarkably few number of lessons...The one rein stop works, and Dawn is patient enough to keep pointing this out in a calm and helpful way. I've owned horses for 24 years, and it's humbling to realize that after all that time, I can still manage to ride ineffectively. Luckily, Dawn has come along, so at long last I can turn the trend around. I've told my husband she's probably saved my life. Without her help, it's very possible DJ and I would be bolting across the countryside, headed for a wreck."...continued
Mary Crombie Geer Glastonbury (Age 62)

Natural Horsemanship at Babcock Hill Equestrian Center with Dawn Bonin.

Babcock Hill

Now offering boarding with 25 stalls, 30+ acres, 2 outdoor rings, an indoor ring, and miles of trails. Come join us where fun and horses goes together.

577 Babcock Hill Road, Coventry, CT 06238

email: naturalhorse80@yahoo.com
cell: 860-985-7611
barn: 860-742-2667

Natural Horsemanship is a method of relating to and communicating with horses. Communicating using pressure and the release of pressure. Learning how to understand the horse's body language. Working, training and riding in a way that complements the horse's personality and instincts.
As a horse trainer and instructor I teach horses and people in a way they can understand and help them communicate better with each other.

Please contact me for more information about training your horse and you!

$10 for pony rides ~10min (10yrs and under)
$50 for private lesson.
$150 for beginner starter lesson package (3 private lessons plus Dawn's instructional video).
$180 for package of four lessons (4 lessons).
Training: $340/month 2 days per week. $580 month 4 days per week.
Clinics (off property) $55/person (minimum of 3 people for 2 hours).
Also offering demos and training, please contact for prices.

Have Dawn give a clinic at your barn!

Training at your barn - Get 3 riders together and we will work horses for 2hrs. $55/person.  (3 hrs if 5 or more riders). You decide how you would like to split the time.  Group lesson, individuals, or combination.  Call for price/time quote if you have group larger than 6 people.  Travel charge will apply if further than 20 miles. 

"Dawn has a great gift of seeing through the eyes of a horse. She understands their behavior and how to work with them on their terms instead of using dominance, intimidation or force." Leslie Wolf ESMT

Watch the interview with Dawn on WFSB-TV! Kara Sundlun of Better Connecticut pays a visit to Stonepost Farm to learn more about the natural way of working with horses.