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Cowboy Dressage with Cathy Drumm 
Saturday, April 26

"Cathy will demonstrate how applying dressage methods to the horse and rider's training will transform their way of going and level of performance. Nervous horses will relax, stiff horses will become more supple, resistant horses more compliant, disobedient horses better behaved etc. The riders will learn how their body position, aid application and general attitude can be enhanced to enable the horse to respond willingly to their commands, carry them in a more balanced and effective manner and thereby improve their performance dramatically.”  http://cathydrumm.vpweb.com/

Cost will be $100 for private lesson, $75 for semi private (2 riders), $50 for group (3-4 riders), $15 to audit
Start time will be 10am, lesson horses available upon request for additional $20 fee.
50% deposit required to reserve your spot (for riders only, auditors can sign up that morning)

Contact Dawn to sign up or with any additional questions.


Versatility Competitions - 2014
Saturday, April 12
Saturday, June 14
Saturday, October 25
Saturday, November 22

Clinics - 2014
Learn to help your horse become more well rounded by teaching him to be versatile. You will learn how to introduce your horse to new obstacles, how to ride them with precision and how to improve your relationship with him. Become a better horse and rider team while having fun. Open to all levels and disciplines.

Cost: $30

12 p.m. - Beginner Level - New to riding or hose newly started under saddle.
1 p.m. - Intermediate Level - Comfortable with horse in walk, trot and canter.
2 p.m. - Advanced Level - Very comfortable with horse in all gats, capable of producing some lateral work.
Dates: May 4, June 1, July 6 (9-12 a.m.), October 19, November 19.


Horse Camp for Kids on Saturday mornings! - 2014
Instructor:           Kristine Mika
Dates:                 July 12, 19, 26 & August 2
Times:                 8:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Where:                Dawn Bonin Horsemanship at Babcock Hill Equestrian Center in Coventry
Ages:                  8  years to 13 years old                
Cost:                   $240 per session
 Call Kristine for additional information:  860-537-0884/kristinemika@yahoo.com. Put Horse Camp in subject line of emails. Thanks.


You may purchase a dvd of Dawn giving instructions on Leading, Disengaging Hindquarters, Riding and Backing Up. This dvd is available for only $10. Contact Dawn for information on how to get yours today!
email: naturalhorse80@yahoo.com

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"Dawn Bonin has helped me so much with my Standardbred, Ironworkers DJ, in a remarkably few number of lessons...The one rein stop works, and Dawn is patient enough to keep pointing this out in a calm and helpful way. I've owned horses for 24 years, and it's humbling to realize that after all that time, I can still manage to ride ineffectively. Luckily, Dawn has come along, so at long last I can turn the trend around. I've told my husband she's probably saved my life. Without her help, it's very possible DJ and I would be bolting across the countryside, headed for a wreck."...continued
Mary Crombie Geer Glastonbury (Age 62)

Natural Horsemanship at Babcock Hill Equestrian Center with Dawn Bonin.

Babcock Hill

Now offering boarding with 25 stalls, 30+ acres, 2 outdoor rings, an indoor ring, and miles of trails. Come join us where fun and horses goes together.

577 Babcock Hill Road, Coventry, CT 06238

email: naturalhorse80@yahoo.com
cell: 860-985-7611
barn: 860-742-2667

Natural Horsemanship is a method of relating to and communicating with horses. Communicating using pressure and the release of pressure. Learning how to understand the horse's body language. Working, training and riding in a way that complements the horse's personality and instincts.
As a horse trainer and instructor I teach horses and people in a way they can understand and help them communicate better with each other.

Please contact me for more information about training your horse and you!

$10 for pony rides ~10min (10yrs and under)
$45 for private lesson
$130 for beginner starter lesson package (3 private lessons plus Dawn's instructional video).
$160 for month of lessons (4 lessons)
Also offering demos, clinics and training, please contact for prices.

Have Dawn give a clinic at your barn!

Training at your barn - Get 3 riders together and we will work horses for 2hrs. $50/person.  (3 hrs if 5 or more riders). You decide how you would like to split the time.  Group lesson, individuals, or combination.  Call for price/time quote if you have group larger than 6 people.  Travel charge will apply if further than 20 miles. 

"Dawn has a great gift of seeing through the eyes of a horse. She understands their behavior and how to work with them on their terms instead of using dominance, intimidation or force." Leslie Wolf ESMT

Watch the interview with Dawn on WFSB-TV! Kara Sundlun of Better Connecticut pays a visit to Stonepost Farm to learn more about the natural way of working with horses.