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What's Going on at Babcock Hill!


What is Versatility? Taking your horse through a series of obstacles and challenges. It may be done mounted or in hand. Fun for horse and rider! (Photos from previous competitions)

Calendar of Clinics, Competitions and Special Events

Train the Horse Project: Meet Stormy our 4yo Morgan foster horse. Learn the process (hands on) it takes to train a horse. From being touched, to leading, to starting under saddle. Contact Dawn for information. 860-985-7611.
Wednesdays 5:30-7pm and Saturdays 1-2:30pm. Cost is $15.

Watch Video of Stormy in Action!


Horsemanship Camp - Thanks to all who attended Summer Camp!

Photos from the Horsemanship Camp 2015!


Centered Riding Clinic with Deb Moynihan
Thanks to everyone who attended. Everyone was very happy with the clinic and excited to try techniques and ideas that Deb provided.


Beginner Gymkhana with Kristine Mika
Many thanks to all who attended this class.


Versatility Clinic: Sunday 10/4 Come practice your versatility skills.
12pm-beginner, 1pm-intermediate and 2pm-advanced. Limited to 5 horse/rider combos per level. Cost is $30.

Versatilty Competition: Saturday 10/10 10am

Beginner Horsemanship Patterns with Kristine Mika
Sunday October 11th 12pm-1pm - English and Western Riders Welcome.  Class will focus on skills needed to complete two different horsemanship patterns with ease.  Will go over and distribute competition rules and scoring.  Although a beginner class, you must be able to ride and control your horse at the trot to attend.  Cost is $30.  Contact Kristine for more info or to sign up: kristinemika@yahoo.com or 860-798-7588

October 18th Sunday: Diverse Schooling Show
Entry form
Class list

October 25th Sunday: Tara Farm Hunter Pace

Halloween Fun Ride Saturday 10/31  starts at 9am, last ride out at 12pm.  All levels and disciplines welcome.  Enjoy this 10k ride at your own pace.  All jumps are optional.  Prizes, Food and Fun!  Find Halloween items placed in woods for prizes. Also prizes for best costume.  Cost is $35 and lunch is included, if preregistered before 10/25.  Will be held rain or shine.  Contact Lorianna Sykes 860-951-2140 or slorianna@gmail.com for more info or to preregister.
Halloween Fun Ride Entry Form


Versatility Clinic: Sunday 11/8 Come practice your versatility skills.
12pm-beginner, 1pm-intermediate and 2pm-advanced. Limited to 5 horse/rider combos per level. Cost is $30.

Versatility Competition: Saturday 11/21 10am





You may purchase a dvd of Dawn giving instructions on Leading, Disengaging Hindquarters, Riding and Backing Up. This dvd is available for only $10. Contact Dawn for information on how to get yours today!
email: naturalhorse80@yahoo.com

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"Dawn Bonin has helped me so much with my Standardbred, Ironworkers DJ, in a remarkably few number of lessons...The one rein stop works, and Dawn is patient enough to keep pointing this out in a calm and helpful way. I've owned horses for 24 years, and it's humbling to realize that after all that time, I can still manage to ride ineffectively. Luckily, Dawn has come along, so at long last I can turn the trend around. I've told my husband she's probably saved my life. Without her help, it's very possible DJ and I would be bolting across the countryside, headed for a wreck."...continued
Mary Crombie Geer Glastonbury (Age 62)

Natural Horsemanship at Babcock Hill Equestrian Center with Dawn Bonin.

Babcock Hill

Now offering boarding with 25 stalls, 30+ acres, 2 outdoor rings, an indoor ring, and miles of trails. Come join us where fun and horses goes together.

577 Babcock Hill Road, Coventry, CT 06238

email: naturalhorse80@yahoo.com
cell: 860-985-7611
barn: 860-742-2667

Natural Horsemanship is a method of relating to and communicating with horses. Communicating using pressure and the release of pressure. Learning how to understand the horse's body language. Working, training and riding in a way that complements the horse's personality and instincts.
As a horse trainer and instructor I teach horses and people in a way they can understand and help them communicate better with each other.

Please contact me for more information about training your horse and you!

$10 for pony rides ~10min (10yrs and under)
$50 for private lesson.
$150 for beginner starter lesson package (3 private lessons plus Dawn's instructional video).
$180 for package of four lessons (4 lessons).
Training: $340/month 2 days per week. $580 month 4 days per week.
Clinics (off property) $55/person (minimum of 3 people for 2 hours).
Also offering demos and training, please contact for prices.

Have Dawn give a clinic at your barn!

Training at your barn - Get 3 riders together and we will work horses for 2hrs. $55/person.  (3 hrs if 5 or more riders). You decide how you would like to split the time.  Group lesson, individuals, or combination.  Call for price/time quote if you have group larger than 6 people.  Travel charge will apply if further than 20 miles. 

"Dawn has a great gift of seeing through the eyes of a horse. She understands their behavior and how to work with them on their terms instead of using dominance, intimidation or force." Leslie Wolf ESMT

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